Aged Care Financial Planning

Increasing life expectancy means more Australians and their families will need to consider aged care options. It’s not an easy choice, nor is it one made lightly.  At a time when emotions are riding high, the support of an experienced adviser can deliver significant value.

Australia’s aged care system is complicated, and decisions often need to be made quickly. Apt Wealth Partners can guide you through the aged care maze to deliver the best outcome.

Your Apt adviser will take the time to understand your individual circumstance, then cut through the complexity to give you a clear picture of your options, the costs involved and strategies to ensure you or your loved one enjoys the highest possible level of care.

No two families are alike. That’s why our aged care experts provide tailored solutions to help with:

Strategies for
funding entry fees

Minimising fees and
maximising entitlements

Cost effective
Investing of assets

Reviewing and
updating estate plans

Providing a service you can trust, we’re here to help.

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