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An inheritance can be a life-changing event...

An inheritance can be a life-changing event…

…and is often a loved one’s way of continuing to play a role in your future when they are no longer around. Making the most of an inheritance and ensuring it has the biggest possible impact on your life is important. This was at the forefront of Tom and Jess’ minds when they sought our advice, after Tom received an inheritance from his late father.

They had both always wanted to travel the world, and Tom knew that his father’s advice would have been to “make the most of life and enjoy the things you love while you can”. At the same time, Jess had accepted Tom’s engagement proposal, so a wedding, plans for a house and settling down together were all top of mind.

At Apt Wealth, our philosophy is to ‘live for today while planning for tomorrow’. We believe that in the end you will regret the things you didn’t do rather than the things you did. This resonated with Tom and Jess, so we put in place a plan for them to take their 6-month dream holiday, including both touring and getting married in Europe, followed by a honeymoon in South America.

Upfront, we knew that this would be expensive, so we worked together to budget the trip, from flights through to accommodation and spending money. Ultimately, we worked to a ceiling that also ensured they were in a position to come home financially secure, with the ability to put down a deposit on their first home.

Dealing with aged care is complex and emotional.

Dealing with aged care is complex and emotional.

In 2019, Diana and her partner, busy parents to two young children, were trying to negotiate Australia’s complicated aged care system to fund the right care options for Diana’s father, who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. A family friend who worked in the finance industry recommended they give Apt Wealth Partners a call, and they haven’t looked back.

“Initially, we tried to work it out ourselves, but the aged care system is so complex. Of course, we wanted the right care for Dad, but we needed the confidence that we could afford it long-term too. There are so many avenues for funding and it’s overwhelming when you are already feeling stressed,” Diana says.

Steve helped the family negotiate their options to work out how to fund the best care options for her father, something Diana says really took the pressure off. “We were, of course, dealing with a lot of emotions but to know the financial side was looked after really took the pressure off and helped us sleep better at night. Steve made it really clear what information we needed to provide, and all we had to do was collect it and Steve did the rest.

“I’d highly recommend Apt Wealth to anyone who is trying to finance aged care. Having the backing of someone who knows what they are doing and is in your corner is invaluable at a difficult time for any family.”