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This is the website of Apt Wealth Partners Pty Ltd ABN 49 159 583 847 and Apt Wealth Home Loans Pty Ltd ABN 53 618 009 322 (Apt Wealth). These website terms and conditions (Conditions) govern the use of this and any other Apt Wealth Group website.

Acceptance of Conditions

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Information on website

The information contained on this website has been prepared in good faith, from sources that Apt Wealth believed were accurate at the time. While Apt Wealth will take reasonable steps to keep the information up-to-date and accurate, Apt Wealth does not warrant or represent that the information is accurate or complete or up-to-date.

No information contained on this website should be construed as giving any type of guarantee. Specifically, no information is to be interpreted as a guarantee or forecast as to the future performance of any product or service that might be recommended by Apt Wealth or any other entity. Any past performance information does not guarantee future performance.

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Privacy policy

Apt Wealth collects personal information in some circumstances. The collection and use of personal information by Apt Wealth is governed by its privacy policy which can be accessed from this website.

Governing law

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