Our Purpose

At Apt Wealth Partners, we believe financial planning is about more than money. As a financial planning firm, we want to help Australians live their best lives. We are committed to positively impacting the people we serve and the community around us.

And while this is easy to say, it’s far more important to live it. Here are just some of the ways we balance people, profit and purpose every day.


Giving back to move forward

Giving back to move forward

We believe corporations should play a role in building a stronger future by giving back. We do this through:

  • Regular charitable giving
  • Matching staff donations
  • Staff volunteering leave
  • Pro bono financial advice

Cancer Council Pro Bono Program

Apt Advisers are participants in the Cancer Council’s Pro Bono Program that connects individuals and their families with professional advice as they navigate life with cancer. Each year, Apt advisers provide free financial advice through the program, empowering people to make the best financial decisions at a difficult time.

Steve Toniazzo

“All Australians should have access to financial advice, particularly at life’s most challenging times. Supporting and empowering individuals and families through the Cancer Council Pro Bono program is a true privilege and enables me to give back, using my expertise to help those who need it most.”

Steve Toniazzo, Senior Adviser
Apt Wealth Partners

Purpose Quote2

“The pro bono service you provided to my brother has made an immeasurable difference to his life and mine as his carer. Having terminal cancer, trying to make do on the disability pension with a mortgage was next to impossible.

Apt came along and helped us to access not only his super but also his life insurance which we knew nothing about. It seemed a difficult process, but you fought for him with several different companies, facilitating a pathway.

Without Apt’s support, we could not have negotiated this, so it is thanks to you that he has paid off his mortgage, and now does not worry about money. This has given him peace of mind and has allowed him to spend the remainder of his days focusing on himself rather than feeling a financial burden.”

Apt Wealth Pro Bono Client

Empowering investors to be the change

Empowering investors to be the change

We have built significant expertise in ethical and responsible investing because we believe that making the world a better place can start at home. We use this knowledge to empower clients who want their investment choices to have a positive impact.

Ethical Investing

Supporting staff to live their best lives

Supporting staff to live their best lives

We believe in championing our team to achieve their goals in the office and outside it. That’s why we created, Aptvantages, a generous staff incentive program that supports health and wellness, continuing education and charitable giving. We’re also a family-friendly workplace, supporting flexibility for working parents because we recognise there’s more to life than work.