Financial advice helps David and Caroline power Luke’s dreams

Published on: November 2nd, 2022

We all have big dreams, but Luke Power’s might be bigger than most. The 17-year-old from Lysterfield in Victoria is aspiring to be an international motorbike road racing champion.

And he’s well on his way. With several national titles under his belt, Luke recently contested his first MotoAmerica Supersport Championship in the USA, achieving an impressive fifth place amongst a highly experienced pack.

Luke’s journey began at age three when he developed a love for motorbikes. Since then, his parents David and Caroline have been with him every step of the way, supporting him in following his dreams.

“It was only a few years ago that we began to see that Luke could turn his passion into a career. He was doing well here in Australia, but when the opportunity came up to go overseas, that was a whole new thing. And we thought, let’s give it a go and see where it takes him,” Caroline says.

Caroline says the family was fortunate to have the flexibility and resources to support Luke’s international dreams, something she attributes to long-term financial advice.

“We’ve been clients of Apt Wealth Partners for over a decade, and having a financial plan in place meant we could think ahead and put some money aside for our children’s future. And quality financial advice on how to invest and grow those funds has enabled us to maximise the contribution we can make to Luke’s goals today.”

Of course, the Power family didn’t know at the time that these investments would support Luke to compete on a world stage. But when that reality eventuated, financial advice helped them quickly adjust and redirect funds to where they were needed.

“We’ve used some of those assets and investments we made back then to ensure we can give Luke the resources he needs to follow his dreams. Of course, that has involved compromise and redirection of our plans, but we couldn’t have achieved it if we hadn’t had a solid financial plan.”

Caroline says that without support from Apt Wealth Partners, the family wouldn’t be in the position they are in today.

“We know our kids will be well set up for the future because we’ve received quality support and advice to maximise our investments. We’ve also been able to set ourselves up for the retirement we want when that time comes. Apt Wealth had the expertise to look at the bigger picture and develop the right plan and balance of investments to achieve our goals.

“The financial advice we’ve received has enabled us to redirect some of our resources into supporting Luke with his motorbike riding and giving him the best opportunity to build a career in the space.

“He puts considerable work, time and energy into achieving his goals, and it’s fantastic to be able to give him the same level of commitment.”

Caroline encourages other parents who want to support their children’s dreams to seek financial advice.

“To other parents in our position, I recommend getting financial advice from an expert who understands you. For us, that was most certainly Apt Wealth Partners.

“Our advisers take a genuine interest in us, and whenever they speak to us, they ask about our sons, Luke and Cameron. They know what’s important to us and what’s going on in our lives. With Apt Wealth, it’s so much more than a transaction; our advisers genuinely care and want the best for us – we couldn’t ask for more.”

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