Introducing Apt’s Comprehensive Financial Planning Services for UK Expats

Published on: September 12th, 2023

Building on the continued success of its Expat Financial Planning Services, Apt Wealth Partners has recently ramped up its specialist service offering for UK expats. 

Integrating existing expat advice business with its lead adviser and UK expert Toby Simpson, the service will support both Australian resident UK expats and Australians who live or have lived in the UK.  

Under the guidance of experienced adviser and Apt’s Head of Expat Financial Planning Services John Versace, the service assists individuals and families to manage their UK assets and ensure they live their best lives – wherever it takes them. The specialty service includes: 

  • UK pension investment solutions 
  • UK pension/QROPS transfer and appropriate superannuation strategies
  • Bespoke financial planning and investment strategies 
  • Asset and investment management 
  • Retirement planning
  • Preparing for relocation or the move home
  • Understanding tax systems and implications in both locations 
  • Protecting and growing assets in a tax-effective way.

“Building on Apt’s success in supporting US and Middle Eastern expats, this service will help thousands of Australian and UK expats. While there are agreements in some areas between the two countries, finances can be challenging to navigate, particularly when it comes to retirement assets, such as pensions. 

“This new service provides the financial planning services and network of professionals to eliminate the complexity and help Apt Clients stay on track with their financial goals.

“We’re excited to welcome Toby to the team,” John said. 

Senior Financial Adviser and UK specialist Toby Simpson has deep expertise in all matters related to UK expat finances. 

Originally from and starting his career in the UK, Toby also has experience working in Australia, Africa, the Middle East and Asia, giving him a first-hand understanding of the challenges faced by expats.

“I’m excited to join the Apt Wealth Partners team to help even more UK expats navigate the challenges and opportunities of living and working in another country. Whether you are an Australian living in the UK or a UK expat living in Australia, you moved for the opportunities and the lifestyle, so it’s critical you can make the most of it today and tomorrow. 

“We can help you stay on track with your goals and protect and grow your assets in a tax-effective way,” said Toby.  

Alongside expert financial advice to navigate expat challenges, Apt Wealth Partners’ clients benefit from: 

  • A dedicated and experienced investment team that researches and recommends tailored investment opportunities with a deep understanding of the expat landscape. 
  • Back-end support and infrastructure that enable us to focus more time on helping our clients achieve their goals. 
  • Increased access to expert advice in various areas, including insurance, lending, aged care and planning for life events. 
  • Timely market information, providing insight into economic and market developments, leveraging the latest research.
  • Access to comprehensive financial and educational tools, such as Inform Series Whitepapers, events, and regular weekly and monthly commentary and updates.

Book a phone call with Toby today to find out how Apt Wealth Partners can help you navigate financial complexities, protect and grow your assets, and plan for the future in any corner of the globe. 


General Advice warning

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