Investing in your future means choosing the right financial strategy.

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Government Entitlements
and Aged Care

Many people don’t realise that
by structuring their finances
in a certain way, they may be eligible for government benefits and assistance.

The pension is the most well-known of these benefits, but there are other forms of assistance that you might not be aware of. Learn how you can benefit from other assistance, including travel concessions and discounted pharmaceuticals.

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Direct Equities

Investing in the share market
can be financially rewarding. However, to ensure success,
it is important to approach
investing with the right strategy and a sound knowledge base.

Let us pass on our expert advice and help you choose a strategy that’s right for you.

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Estate Planning

If you have considered estate planning, you may already have thought about a Will or had one put in place. Although a Will is an important part of estate planning, there are many other things to consider.

In conjunction with your tax professional, we can advise you on the most tax-effective method of distribution, we can help set up a trust for your beneficiaries and if they receive Centrelink benefits, we can help preserve these as well. Plan for the future and make sure your assets are passed on as intended.

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Wealth Protection

Plan for tomorrow with expert advice on life and income protection insurance.

If eligible, we can assist you in
finding the right cover. Learn
more about income protection,
TPD and trauma insurance in
order to gain peace of mind
and secure the future of your
loved ones.

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Ongoing Portfolio Review

For most clients, the need for advice does not come to an end once investments have been made. Legislation, personal circumstances and economic turbulence can impact investment portfolios.

At Apt Wealth Partners, we pride
ourselves on building long-term
relationships with our clients.
As part of this service, clients who choose our ongoing portfolio review service will receive regular portfolio evaluations
and strategy adjustments.

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Retirement Planning

Retirement can be an exciting time, giving you the freedom
to do what you want. Despite
the obvious positives, the
period leading up to retirement can be stressful.

Apt Wealth Partners can help
you make the most of it. In conjunction with your tax professional, we’ll assist you to maximise your savings before and during retirement, offer strategies to reduce your tax,
and advise you of relevant government benefits. Learn how to spend less time working, and still boost your savings.

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Self Managed Super Funds

Self Managed Super Funds (SMSFs) offer freedom and flexibility in super investments. As with most things, gaining greater control means taking on more responsibility. Do you have the time and knowledge to make it work for you?

In order to effectively run your SMSF, it is important that you allocate time to research and manage your fund. In conjunction with your tax professional, we will help you streamline fees, reduce tax and maximise returns on invested super.

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Superannuation & Investments

How you manage your super can mean the difference between a limited lifestyle and a comfortable retirement. Are you employing the right strategies to meet your retirement goals?

Apt Wealth Partners can advise you on getting more out of your assets and making the most of government benefits. In conjunction with your specialist tax adviser, we can also provide advice on reducing the tax you pay on your super. Grow your super today so you’re set for tomorrow.

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Tax-effective Investment Strategies

How do you know which investments are right for you? There are thousands of different avenues to select from. The decision is no longer as simple
as choosing between shares, property or fixed interest.

In conjunction with your tax professional, we can tailor the right investment strategy to meet your financial and lifestyle goals. You’ll receive updates on the latest market activity and thanks to our team of full-time research analysts, gain access to leading fund managers and a range of listed investments.

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Home Loans

We’re already working to drive your financial wealth and now Apt can help you with your home and property loans.

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